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The positive outcomes of yoga are expansive and multidimensional. On the surface we see many physical benefits like greater range of motion, increased strength, better posture, and regulated blood pressure. But some of the most potent virtues of yoga are less tangible. From a balanced nervous system, we receive blessings such as a calmer, less reactive, more reflective self. From focus on our practice, we gain more mental clarity and self-awareness.


Private sessions provide you with customized tools for improving your practice and fostering a more intimate connection between body, mind and spirit. Together we will focus on your unique physical geometry, needs and desires.


1-on-1 sessions

$60 | 1 hour

Private sessions differ from a class setting because they offer more insight into poses, alignment and breath. Overall benefits of yoga deepen because I focus solely on what you are looking to achieve. As your teacher, I meet you where you're at – either as a beginner or seasoned yogi.

restorative sessions

$75 | 1.5 hours

Restorative yoga uses props to support the body, quiet the mind, and ease the soul. In this practice, the student does not “do” the poses, but rather “receives” them. You will experience a deep state of relaxation through soothing, supported postures held for extended periods of time.


drop-ins welcome

I teach at Olé Hustle in Saratoga, NY. My classes are for all levels and offer an opportunity to release tension in the body and reduce stress in the mind. I combine my training in vinyasa and restorative yoga to deliver a gentle, nurturing, relaxing practice.



"I was introduced to Martel's yoga class in September 2016 at a local gym I went to. I was never a fan of yoga due to my high energy levels. However, after my first class with Martel I thought I should give yoga another try. I attended a few different classes (some where Martel did not teach) and I quickly realized I was most comfortable with her as my instructor. Martel took the time to realign my poses, make sure I understood each pose, and she began to really help me focus on my breathing. Soon enough Martel and I began working one on one. I told her I suffered from anxiety and was trying to wean off my medicine. Our private sessions main focus has been to help me achieve this goal. After three months of sessions combining yoga and breath work, I was able to get off my medicine. I attribute that greatly to Martel's dedication when working with me. She has been a positive figure in my life and a wonderful teacher. Anyone who has the chance to work with her is truly blessed."

- Taylor, Financial Advisor