Martel Catalano Speaking

Speaking + WORKSHOPS

Someone really important once told me it is my responsibility to share my story. So now that’s what I do. I also teach about what I’ve learned along the way.

It is my honor to speak about finding emotional well-being, developing resilience, moving toward acceptance, and harnessing the power of stress management for those living with chronic illnesses and disabilities like myself. I fuse my personal experience with my years of study in the fields of psychology, neurobiology, mindfulness, and spirituality to inspire and educate in a way that I’m told is pretty cool.

The content of my teachings is appropriate, and important, for any size group or gathering. I sometimes speak at conferences. Sometimes I lead workshops or lectures. If you think I’d be a good fit for something you’re up to, get in touch using the link below.


“I was honored to meet Martel in person at VISIONS2018 in San Diego and hear her speak and share ways to manage stress.  She talked about the great work that Beyond My Battle was tackling – supporting the emotional well-being of those with diseases and their families. I firmly believe that Martel and Beyond My Battle are filling a significant gap in care for people with disabilities and diseases. I have no idea how [our daughter] will work through her disability as it changes – but I know now that I have the resources with Beyond My Battle to help her, me and my husband work through the stress and tricky times.  I am and forever will be thankful that Martel has decided to dedicate herself to this."

– Kelly T.

“I’ve interviewed literally thousands of guests on PBS for many years. You were and are one of the Most Inspiring and Compelling to grace our studio. 
I’m so proud of you. Your segment Will...Make a Difference”

Steve Adubato

“We were so happy to have Martel come in as a mentor for NABA’s Girls’ Empowerment Day in November 2018. Her story is important and powerful, and we were thankful that she was willing to share it with the teen girls in our youth program. All of the girls that attended are blind or visually impaired, and through reading aloud an honest essay written by Martel about her own physical and emotional journey with vision loss, they were able to relate her story to their own experiences. Building further on the mindfulness theme of her essay, Martel led the teens through a beginner yoga lesson. Many students provided feedback that they truly enjoyed the portion of the day spent with Martel and were inspired to continue practicing mindfulness and yoga on their own. We hope to continue to work with Martel in the future as she builds her non-profit, Beyond My Battle.”

– Senia Fleming

“Being able to talk to Martel and have her listen about my own struggle loving someone with a chronic illness meant a lot to me and really lifted a weight. I realized after that I hadn’t talked about it in a while and it’s something I typically bottle up. So thank you. I appreciate you and your kind heart”

– Brittany W.

“I want to give Martel a thank you specifically for being bold about the emotions felt due to chronic conditions. I had started having a cloudy outlook due to my progressive vision loss. One of the things that got me back on track was to see [her] progress with Beyond My Battle. It has been a journey, and I am glad to see [her] progress blossom greater still!”

– Ben F.

"Martel has taught me so much on my journey into this scary world. It is now not as scary as it once was. Our conversations and my spiritual shift has been life changing. What a blessing. I love her heart and her spirit."

– Rebecca A.


"Before working with Martel my stress levels were through the roof. I realized that I'm really mean to myself when I don't complete the nearly impossible feats I give myself daily. I'm being patient with myself and having gratitude for what I get done in the time that I have. And guess what! I'm doing way more now! I really appreciate everything Martel gave our group. I will be back for more."

- Liz M.

"As terrible and difficult and daunting as it can be living with [my condition] it's almost a blessing to have a different view. I don't think I'd have this mindset if I hadn't come across you and your pages so thank you."

– Caroline Q.

“Martel has been a positive figure in my life and a wonderful teacher. Anyone who has the chance to work with her is truly blessed."

– Taylor S.