“I was honored to meet Martel in person at VISIONS2018 in San Diego and hear her speak and share ways to manage stress.  She talked about the great work that Beyond My Battle was tackling – supporting the emotional well-being of those with diseases and their families.

I firmly believe that Martel and 
Beyond my Battle are filling a significant gap in care for people with disabilities and diseases. I have no idea how [our daughter] will work through her disability as it changes – but I know now that I have the resources with Beyond My Battle to help her, me and my husband work through the stress and tricky times.  I am and forever will be thankful that Martel has decided to dedicate herself to this."

Kelly Thomas, parent

Martel speaks publicly on the topics of stress and wellness, and the importance of stress management for those living with diseases/disabilities. She has spoken at various conferences, meetings, and gatherings. Martel is available to speak at any kind of relevant gathering, and should be contacted using the form below with inquiries and proposals.