It's difficult to accept that we can’t control what happens to us. But the good news is that we can learn to control how we respond. My commitment lies in shifting your perspective of, and reactions to, the world around you. Your happiness and health aren't obtainable things existing somewhere "out there" – it is a place already within. Through stress management sessions, we will tap into and navigate back to this calm, natural state.


Stress management sessions can be useful if:

  • You are tired of feeling angry, anxious, sad or alone.

  • You are afraid of the future, and have a hard time living in the present.

  • You want to see life through a brighter lens but don’t know how to shift your mindset.

  • You think your daily habits – including activity, diet, job, relationships – could be negatively impacting you. 

  • You are finding it difficult to communicate with loved ones.

  • You are willing to make some lifestyle changes in favor of a happier, healthier, calmer self.


complimentary session

20 min | virtual | $0

This initial session is for first-time clients only, and is offered to determine how I can best support and guide you. There is no obligation to move onto sessions after this call because I want you to be 100% sure that we are a good fit. During our call, which will take place over Skype, Zoom, or phone, I will take note of what you are experiencing so that I can provide you with tools for managing your unique stressors. I will follow up within 24 hours with an email that includes fundamental observations and suggestions for moving forward, should you feel I can be of service to you. 


60 min | virtual | $79

You will receive one week of personal email support following each session. Sessions will take place over Skype, Zoom, or phone. Each session will begin with a guided meditation to reduce stress and access subconscious blockages. Afterward, I will get clarity around what you're experiencing in body, mind, and spirit; Uncovering stressors, self-limiting thought patterns and underlying themes keeping you from your calm and balanced self.  I will follow up within 24 hours of each session with a detailed email that includes a recap and customized tools (i.e. breathwork, journaling prompts, diet and lifestyle recommendations). Two weeks are recommended between sessions to allow the work to be done and take notice of any shifts. 



"Martel has taught me so much on my journey into this scary world. Its now not as scary as it once was. Our conversations and my spiritual shift has been life changing. What a blessing. I love her heart and her spirit."

- Rebecca, Social Worker/Teacher/Mom


"I am now a part of a relatively rare community and that is a blessing! As terrible and difficult and daunting as it can be living with [my condition] it's almost a blessing to have a different view. I don't think I'd have this mindset if I hadn't come across you and your pages so thank you."

- Caroline, Student


"Before working with Martel my stress levels were through the roof. My biggest take away from this was learning to give myself a break and stop self beating. I realized that I'm really mean to myself when I don't complete the nearly impossible feats I give myself daily. I work really hard, and after working with Martel I give myself a break and take things one step at a time. I'm being patient with myself and having gratitude for what I get done in the time that I have. And guess what! I'm doing way more now! I really appreciate everything Martel gave our group. I will be back for more."

- Liz, Veterinary Student