Simplicity: Gratitude 001

I have been on Instagram writing about gratitude each Monday for a few months now. It's a practice that has elevated my appreciation for the moment, the just-passed weekend, or the greater Being.


I have found that Mondays typically feel one of two ways (for me): filled with fervor of a fresh start, or contrastingly, not so filled at all – with anything – a low energy and low sense of purpose. 


Obviously, I prefer the first of the two, so the writing exercise each Monday has helped me find thankfulness no matter what my Monday mood is. If I can find one thing to be grateful for, it reminds me that all is well, even if I'm not feeling so well in that moment.  


Today happens to be a Monday in the latter category. Mars is currently in retrograde and I'm feeling stuck, with an overwhelming sense of inability to move forward in various parts of my life. Yet, I spent the weekend surrounded by simplicity and it's hard not to feel grateful for that when I reflect on it.  A cabin in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont invited a group of friends to conjoin and celebrate nothing but each other's company. Sunset. Bonfire. Mountains. Coyotes in the distance. 


This practice is one I will continue to bring to my journal here in hopes of sharing it with more people, and maybe someone else will pick it up along the way...