Farm to table: Gratitude 002

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to attend a "secret supper" – part of an authentic farm-to-table dinner series on a property near the NY/VT border. A dear friend thought to invite me, and for that, I am so grateful. 

I have made a noticeable effort over the last year to be more conscious about the company I keep. My thinking is this: if I am to grow into the most vibrant, aligned-wth-purpose version of myself, I have to surround myself with others doing the same in a way that I identify with. In doing so, I become expanded into my authentic Self because my subconscious sees me in them, and therefore realizes that my dreams are possible and manifests them.

My friend Hayley is an amazing entrepreneur – an NYC & European chef turned Upstate NY tea shop owner who is – no cliché intended – living her best life. I attended the dinner with my friend Elizabeth who I only met this last year but has had a huge influence on entrepreneurial life. She is a badass business owner with an incredible work ethic that crushes her goals in high heels and flawless nails and I respect her like crazy.

All that said, the dinner itself was an unbelievable experience – as one of the youngest people in the small group, I was able to converse with folks who have so much wisdom and stories in their back pockets. The 6-course meal was a reminder of why I love living Upstate, as the chef came out to educate us on where he got each egg, green bean, and lentil. The setting was surreal, of course. There are moments where I find myself saying, "remember what this looks like" and standing outside the barn, looking toward the Green Mountains, was one of those moments for me. Knowing that I'm losing my vision has given me this amazing gift of cataloguong away the visuals, and relishing moments like these.