Summer Solstice & Sight

few words about the longest day of the year, which took place on Monday night. It’s a bittersweet time if you let it be. The pinnacle of summer, we receive the most amount of sunlit hours, yet reach the point where those hours start to dwindle. I try to see the glass as half full and do my best to flourish during the prolonged days. While the solstice is a great time for manifestation and general inspiration, as witnessed through thousands of years of scripture and musings, it means so much more to me than that.

As someone growing up and living withnightblindness, the summer solstice represents freedom. A time of year where I am the least limited and the least reliant on others to move about safely. Spaces that posed a threat to me just months earlier become a refuge from the indoors. I take solace in the hot rays. It’s as though the sun is my friend and wants to hang out with me longer than usual, whereas in the winter I feel like he ignores my congenial needs...

I’m an incredibly lunar being. This is feminine energy - it is cool and cerebral and can drive me completely insane with headiness. I can often physically feel the Ida coursing through the left side of my body and strive to harness any amount of masculine, Pingala energy I can by stimulating internal warmth and external vigor.


o maybe it’s my nightblindness, and maybe it’s the strength of my moon channel, but for me the summer solstice provides even more value than its golden sunsets and spiritual awakening. The free rein I acquire is liberating and incomparable. It leaves my eyes wanting to chase an eternally lit landscape around the planet. But my heart knows a truth that is so easy to forget -- without darkness there can be no light.

Martel Catalano