Intention For 2018: Self-Love

New Years resolutions have always rubbed me the wrong way. The more expectations I set for myself, the more likely I am to self-sabotage and feel disappointed. This year has been really overwhelming for me in a lot of ways, with lots of I knew that going into the new year could either be a long list of "improvements" or it could be a means of cultivating appreciation and love for myself.


On a global scale, we are going through a major energetic awakening and transformation. Love for ourselves and others is more important now than ever. It is struggling to shine through the cracks, but people are fighting for it with great passion. The more each of us do the same with our own being, the more love we will see on a global scale.


Here are four strategies that I will be implementing that I encourage you to explore...


Forgive yourself:

Our least favorite choices (often labeled as “mistakes”) have a tendency to linger. And it’s because as human beings, we struggle deeply with forgiveness. When we judge ourselves for past choices, we prolong the negative energy associated with that choice. We can’t move forward, or grow, if we continue entertaining these thoughts. What lies ahead once we learn to forgive is a healthier, happier version of our self. Putting forgiveness into action might look like this: write down something(s) you need to forgive yourself for and throw it into your fireplaces or a body of water. Literally cast away what you need to let go of. And every time you hear yourself replaying past scenarios or wishing you did something differently… repeat.


Believe your affirmations:

An affirmation is simply a positive statement of how we envision our best self.  Affirmations have the power to completely transform our lives if we use them properly. Often times, though, we choose an affirmation (or two) and repeat them over and over with no real connection to them. In order for your affirmation to bring about change, it must be felt. Every time you state your affirmation, attempt to embody the words. Stating “I am confident and courageous” means that I feel confident and courageous as I say it. I sit up a little taller, and I envision my life playing out with achievements that have manifested due to the confidence and courageousness I bring forth.


Do some detective work:

Who has harmed your sense of self-worth, self-esteem or ability to love yourself? Since the early age of 4 years old, we are taking on beliefs, soaking up stories, and developing an idea of who we are based on those around us. We all have some subconscious programming placed in our minds by family, friends or society at large (think: ideals, expectations) that is hampering our ability to love our self fully. Dive deep into thought about what has shaped you into who you are right now. The best way to do this: let the get a journal and let the pen go to work. Ask yourself who has made you feel like you weren’t good enough, beautiful enough, smart enough… go back into the history of your conscious mind and see what you discover.


Do something for others:

There is a great saying that goes, “As is the micro, so is the macro.” Meaning if we do something good and healthy for our self, it will also be good and healthy for that beyond our self. All of the acts of self-love – like adhering to a diet that doesn’t harm others, or tending to our minds through meditation – ultimately will positively impact larger communities. This could mean your community of your family, your community of your city/town, and the community of our planet. The opposite is also true: when we help others we help our self. Spending time with an elderly or ill family member, volunteering, or random acts of kindness feed our love for our self.

Martel Catalano