I walked into the Northeast Association of the Blind on Monday for Girls' Day and a group of 15 teenage girls sat around the table. Some could see me, some could not. All of them were smiling.

The coordinator had told me in advance they wanted to read an article I wrote that was featured on The Mighty so I knew that would happen. What I didn't expect was for one of the girls to ask to read it. I stood behind her so I couldn't see her face, but halfway through I saw her hands moving around and noticed she was reading in Braille. She was so fluid. So dynamic. She told my story better than I could have.

The yoga wasn't even what made the girls feel best. It was the breathing. We forget how easy, how simple it is, to mindfully breathe. Why were we not taught about the instant healing power of breath when we were in school? I wonder what the world would be like if we taught young girls (and boys) how to love themselves & others, take care of their bodies, and manage their minds... instead of all the things we were taught (and have since forgotten) in school.

To the girl who read my story: thank you. 
To the staff at NABA: thank you. 
To all the parents who sent their girls to this day because they see — really see — their daughters’ emotions and want to help manage them amidst a world they may not be able to (literally) see: thank you. I honor you.

Martel Catalano