Rooted in the concepts of positivity and diversity as the most helpful form of support, Beyond My Battle provides not only emotional support, but educational resources made accessible to anyone with any kind of disease/disability and their loved ones.

Beyond My Battle is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization started by Martel Catalano and Nell Pritchard. When they first met, they discovered a lot of common ground in their life journeys involving two completely different illnesses. Their mission took shape after realizing that, although they couldn't relate to what the other was experiencing on a physical level, they did share the same emotions when it came to living with something they couldn’t control. These emotions impacted them and their relationships with those closest to them.

Today, Beyond My Battle is delivers educational resources for these populations, and maintains a diverse, positive community for support.


"I just have to say that this place is EXACTLY what I have been looking for. I already have the place where I can rally for research and talk bravely about finding a cure someday... but I just needed somewhere that I could be real about what's going on without having the uncomfortable moments of pity that some of my well-meaning friends and family sometimes provide."


"This group is blessing to me....I've broken out of my shell more in the last days since joining this great group. I am so grateful for this space, and I'm so happy to be here!'


"I love everyone's unique and different perspectives, but a sense of unity. A feeling of comfort, belonging."