Beyond My Battle is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization started by myself and my friend Nell in 2018. When Nell and I first met, we discovered a lot of common ground in our life journeys involving two totally different rare diseases. Our mission took shape when we realized that although we couldn’t relate to what the other experiences on a physical level, we shared all the same emotional stressors. That’s because fear, sadness, frustration, anger, guilt are all forms of stress inherent to being diagnosed with something we can’t control.

What’s more is that we recognized how these stressors also impact the relationships with those most important – our family, friends, caretakers. It became clear that we needed to fill the void in providing services so that we can all manage our stress when it comes to disease and disability. The why is simple, and two-part: to not let stress make us more sick; and to build healthy, supportive relationships necessary for a life with chronic illness/disability.

Today, BMB offers educational resources and maintains a diverse, positive community for support, made accessible to anyone with any kind of disease/disability and their loved ones.


“Martel and Nell have bravely shared their experiences of living with, or caring for, a person with a chronic health condition. BMB provides rich content that is humane, intelligent and intensely personal. If you’ve ever felt alone or without support in your health condition, BMB will surely narrow the chasm of isolation. As a mom and spouse of two family members with autoimmune disease, I consider this a go-to platform that is uniquely restorative and fortifying.”

- Juliet

“I just have to say that this place is EXACTLY what I have been looking for. I already have the place where I can rally for research and talk bravely about finding a cure someday... but I just needed somewhere that I could be real about what's going on without having the uncomfortable moments of pity that some of my well-meaning friends and family sometimes provide."

- Anonymous group member

“I love the way Beyond My Battle includes both individuals and family members. The overall tone is a breath of fresh air, and including all types of disabilities/disease is such a smart way to help people focus on their own growth instead of getting pulled into negativity over specifics. I really the way it helps people reflect on their own stress behaviors and how that may impact their interactions with others. Empathy is so incredibly important.”

- Jen

“Beyond My Battle has been a blessing, offering very intuitive and extremely helpful toolkits to help us navigate these stressful times.  I have found, through the grace of their offerings that I am able to remain more calm and thoughtful, which in turn has helped my daughter walk through these challenges with more strength and confidence.  I know that Beyond my Battle will help her maintain her confidence and independence as she battles this disability for the remainder of her life.“

- Kelly

“I am an English speaker living in a foreign country, so having a support group online was a game changer for me. Since being active in the Beyond My Battle support group, I am not always comparing myself to well-people around me and thinking I’m the only one who has these struggles. Instead, I’m hearing from lots of people with different chronic issues and although we do not have the same illnesses/disabilities, I realize every human struggles with something. The BMB tools are so comprehensive. They account for how loved ones are affected and how abilities are not the same every day. As the Toolbox is building up, I feel like I have options.”

- Jenna

“BMB, with Martel and Nell, have blossomed over 2018. They are building stupendous, relevant tools for anybody who lives with physical ailments or impairment. And, importantly, their resources for family. Angels.”

- Daniel

“Beyond My Battle has helped me to come out of hiding, essentially. I recommend BMB to anyone living with a disability or disease that needs support. The community is here to make a change, expose the truth, and give you the tools for a happy, healthy and spiritual life that hopefully will dig you out of that hiding spot no matter where its roots lie.”

- Morgan

“Beyond My Battle has given me a place to share and participate at my own pace. It strives forward on a positive note. It is a joy to be a member, and I encourage anyone living (or supporting a loved one) with an incurable condition to visit their resources – they are worth your time. Amazingly, the toolkit is free to download, due to the generous contributions from so many who support Beyond My Battle, and it’s founders.”

- Ben

"This group is blessing to me....I've broken out of my shell more in the last days since joining this great group. I am so grateful for this space, and I'm so happy to be here!'

- Anonymous group member